Octane Historic Motoring Awards ‘Apprentice of the year’ 2021

My name is Joe Mellor, and I am currently an Apprentice at Tim Walker Restorations, studying at the Heritage Skills Academy. A month ago I was shortlisted for The Historic Motoring Awards; Apprentice of The Year, along with 9 other enthusiastic apprentices from within the heritage restoration sector. I am proud and delighted to announce that following a fantastic and inspirational award ceremony hosted on Thursday 18th November, I received the award!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Tim Walker Restorations for their persistent support, care and opportunities that they have given to me. Their care and foresight to train younger members of staff is as impressive as the plethora of skills that they continue to pass on to me. I would also like to promote how important ‘Heritage Skills Academy’ and The ‘Federation Skills Trust’ are to our precious industry, and how grateful I am that they exist! Both organisations go above and beyond to ensure valuable skills are passed on to the next generation of enthusiasts, and that we can continue to enjoy the funny world of Vintage cars.

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