Restoration & Repair

we tackle everything from small repairs to ground up restorations

Restoration & Repair

we tackle everything from small repairs to ground up restorations

Our experienced team will listen to your requirements

and work closely with you through every step


Alvis TD21

Garages are like insurance companies; when things go well and there is nothing to report then all is fine, you only really get a sense of what they are like to work with when things go wrong. I’ve had my TD for 12 years and when Guy looked at the brakes we realised that they needed a lot of work (read complete overhaul). A not inexpensive job to overhaul the whole system so  it was not part of the plan to drive home and sense that they were never quite releasing after braking. I sent the car back and Guy took his suppliers to task, got his team to do some remedial work and I got the car back. Alas, the problem was still not resolved. Eventually after a huge amount of digging, the problem of sticky calipers, was traced to very complicated issues around valve. The team spent a huge amount of time and finally exposed the root of the problem. Then they fixed it. Car now perfect. When things go wrong, it takes a good business to have the grace to put things right without complaining and never suggesting I would ever get charged an extra penny. They deserve much credit for that approach and I’ll be back (although I am sure not with brake issues!).


1933 Austin 10

A brief note to thank Tim Walker Restorations and especially Bill Carter for bringing my 1933 Austin back to life. Extensive work was needed to achieve this resurrection and I must thank Bill for his encyclopaedic knowledge of ancient Austins as well as his meticulous engineering skills, an expertise I will certainly recommend to other members of the Austin Ten Drivers Club.

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