Not Just Cars

Over the years we have been involved with many weird and wonderful projects

Not Just Cars

Over the years we have been involved with many weird and wonderful projects

At TWR we don't

necessarily just do vintage vehicles

We have used our diverse skill set to restore and rebuild many items such as pedal cars, gold plated marine engines, Pullman trunks and even rare vintage garden benches! We are proud to show you some of our work here.

Edwardian Gentleman's Racing Boat - 'Fixitor'

Starring in the Queen's Diamond Jubilee boat pageant, and even featured in Hello! magazine

This racing boat is reputed to be the third oldest power boat in the world, built in 1905.  It has a 25 foot wooden hull and was bought at the Henley Traditional Boat Show by her current owner.  When he bought her she was a complete wreck and needed a full body and mechanical restoration. Boat builders worked on the hull and Tim Walker Restorations were given the exciting challenge of restoring and developing the engine to full show standard.


Internally the rebuild is to normal restoration standards, but externally it is a different matter entireley. Every fastener has been finished in stainless steel and all external components are either polished stainless steel or polished alloy. The owner has had special hatches made so that the engine can be viewed in all its full glory.

She now lives on the River Thames and is used for a lot of grand occasions!

To find out more about her history click here.

The Gelyce - J-Class racer of the 1930's

Restored to its former glory after being left to rot in a shipyard for decades

Classic Boat Award Winner 2018 - This sole-surviving British J-Class Tender built in 1930 by Camper & Nicholson of Gosport, has undergone a complete restoration after being left to rot in a boatyard in Berkshire in the 1960's.

She even sank a few times almost to the point of barely being recognisable.


In 2015 she was purchased by Wint Taylor, a wooden boat restoration enthusiast who approached Tim Walker Restorations to rebuild her engine which is a concourse condition aluminium 1950's Rolls Royce, producing 175hp, which will give her the capability of 28 knots at sea.



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