Vapour & Bead Blasting

Highly effective but gentle blasting for metal and soft metals

Vapour & Bead Blasting

Highly effective but gentle blasting for metal and soft metals

Our business is restoring and maintaining beautiful old vehicles

We know how to take care of critical components

Blasting is suitable for any component in need of a clean-up. It can remove paint and/or rust leaving a bare metal finish which is ideal for re-painting if required. It has a wide variety of uses for vehicle and motorcycle parts from chassis, engine block, frames, swing arms, crank-cases and wheels to much smaller parts.

We have a dry bead blast cabinet for smaller items and for the bigger parts we use a Komet Vapour blaster. This fires boiling hot water, degreaser, rust inhibitor and beads at 120psi out of a gun with a 1 inch nozzle. It can clean engine/suspension components in a fraction of time.

We can also arrange 2-pack frame painting on request.

Vapour Bead Blasting old car part
Vapour Bead Blasting car
Blasting car frame before
Blasting car frame after
Blasting car frame painted

We carry out work for our customers and for other workshops too

Items are cleaned on an hourly basis

Buckinghamshire High Performance - BHP

TW provide a very efficient, high quality blasting service. They are friendly and knowledgable and competitively priced.

BS Motorsport Ltd

Service is prompt and efficient. The quality is very good and the cost suits our business so we are more than happy to recommend.

Does your car have parts that need some vapour or bead blasting?

Please get in touch with our awesome team!

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